Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Confronting Reality - are you ready to become Fierce?

Surfacing issues or current states of mind to top levels of leadership in organizations with deep hierarchies is fraught with peril. Some top leaders seem afraid of transparency. Some resist the idea of nemawashi - of showing deep respect for their people, of acknowledging that in order to improve our collective lot we should engage everyone's intellect. Vital constraints and facts are closely guarded, and decisions are made in relative secrecy.

Top leaders don't have to attempt to carry the full burden of imagination. They don't have to do all the thinking for all of us, and then issue directives. And yet, many of them don't yet know how to let go. Some haven't managed to muster the courage to become fierce. Some are likely Very Afraid of just such Anarchy as Tobias Mayer's Spirit of Change implies. And attempts at tightening grips of control will only generate more backlash and discontent, more frustration & misery.

Ultimately (and rather amazingly), it comes down to what we believe matters most. Belief is so insubstantial, it's a fleeting pattern of dynamic electro-chemical reactions in the neural networks of humans. And despite this fragility, belief and intent are perhaps the most powerful forces in the human sphere of affairs.

What we believe in drives our habits. It informs our reactions and choices. It shapes who we are, and what we want to be remembered for.

What do you believe in? How do you want to be remembered? What will you do to make it so?

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